Leave The Love

Leave the love

And I’ll begin to think otherwise.

Feel my shrugs

As I take the moment to realign.

I hope to bear

The artistry of a life forgotten,

But don’t build me up

Just to leave me here with nothing.

Little breathes

Tend to get me through the day.

Once I pass out

I’ll be left with such little phrase.

Days await

Just like the rhymes in my brain

But please,

Oh please

Don’t say


“Love awaits”.



Huddle to the asylum
Just to trickle into the new year.
Forsake the mistaken impression
That this life,
Or any such life,
Is something to hold so dear.
Regrets a million,
How they couldn’t coincide,
Building towards fear,
Your ability to just let things slide.
Never remember,
No you always forget,
But please don’t forget to remember
That you were never
Meant to be alive.
Cause accidents happen
And don’t act so pompous
To think otherwise.
Accidentally inhabiting
The act that you’re better
Than another person
With the same set of colored eyes.


In the most mundane of tasks.
Is the vision that I don’t want to last.
Are the delusions I’ll just never have.
When it comes to understanding the past.

Bring forth the little bit
Because I’m thinking, just a little bit,
That ignorance could be my saving grace
When it comes down to dealing with you.

Hey Guys

Hey guys.
Yea, I’m alive.
Although often times
I dream of a better life.
One where I
Live alright
In an open world
With no need to try.
Then I wake
And I realize
There’s no such thing
Only dividing lines.
So here I sit
To ponder lies
To hold the need
To justify,
To shape, to dream,
To realign
But I’m out of it
And I’m done with trying.
So, I’ll fake it all,
I’ll hold the crying.
I’ll take my worth
Over blades so fine.
I’ll push it over
And I’ll yell goodbye.


End Of Days

Laying in bed
My head is a mess.
Had always put me at rest.
Playing in the back ground
Sonic, downstairs.
I take a moment
To finger brush my hair.
Exhausted and alone
In this two story home.
A cough in my throat
From am invader unknown.
Develop tomorrow,
Maybe I’ll call in.
I won’t call in, but
I’m sick of this sickness
That puts me in bed
By ten o’clock.
My back is so sore
And I’m feeling so old
The more I type, these words
In turn, they age me more.
So age away,
I’ll ice my back.
I’ll take this day
Placing it in the back of my brain.
I’m alone right now
But that’s okay
Cause I’ve got my favorite show
To make my end of day.


Fuck The Moon

Fuck the Moon
And any shot that you would think that you would get
Cause the sling shot effect is a little short of the best.
Keep trying to move forward but do anything but hold onto your breath
Cause this moment is the moment when you start to lose focus.

I don’t know
A little bit more than all of the scattered messed up regret
Cause my eyes keep on telling me that the moon is a bitch.
I’ll keep rolling towards something that means at least a little bit
Cause I can’t help but think pass the vocal moment.

Don’t Listen To Me

Listen to me
Because you don’t listen to me.
Forfeit the knowledge
Because it’s in your DNA.
Listen when I speak
Because I’ve got important things to say.
I’m only trying to help
To continuously progress your every day.
Don’t throw in the towel
Because you’ve been doing it wrong.
Focus, focus on the problem
And the tasks presented before you.
You don’t realize your potential
Intentionally scratching only the surface
Causing panic in an ever flowing Sea,
The rage that claims everything adoring.
Don’t listen to me.
Don’t live a life of reverse psychology.
Don’t take my consideration
When considering the choices you make.
They don’t impact this life
Or the station in Hell that you’ll succumb to.
Take a breath and notice this mess
While you fix to progress this grotesque
Ill fitted onset of depressive regret.
Listen to me
Because you don’t listen to me.