Daft Fool

Daft fool
Acting like a mezzanine
Between this life
And an ill fitted heart that screams.
Terror surrounds
The stationary cantine
Empty as the hollowed
As desolate as my ventured means.

Suicide is like
Devouring your weight in genocide.
It seems that no matter the fight,
And it seems no matter the know,
You’re given an effervescent invite
To establish the constant
In this debilitating situation,
This extrapolated shit show.

Give a little countenance.
Shed a little know.
Sever the hold that this life grips
To give animation to this embryo.
The little chance that your plan has
Adds to the epoch that will erode,
Cause living in this actuality
Is the cause of my percipient overload.


This Plane

I woke up this morning
Loving my existence and
The faze that I’ve wished
That I was never in.
Even though I publish and
It may be intermittent
I’m thankful for all of you and
It causes me persistence
While breaking resistance, while
I’m committed to this admission.
I’ll admit that I must be out of my mind
But I’d definitely have to be if
This is a reason as to trying.

And I just want to take a moment
Just to let everyone know
That depression may be my existence
But I’m trying to beat it down.
Everyday is a battle in itself
And I don’t have a dosage that I can up.
It seems that this battle is obsession
And I don’t have to face it all alone.

I said that the thanks to you
Is a cause of my persistence
And I don’t mean ill by it,
It’s just that when others read
And relate to my emotions
It gives me a motive to
Keep putting words on a page.
My family may be my main reason
And they are the only thing
Keeping me in this plane.
Added support only helps to build
And it’s your motions in bad taste
That help me to maintain.



Suicide is like eating your weight in genocide
And I ponder on the desire that keeps you,
Seeks you, and delivers you to an almost midnight
Backwards way of thinking.
Who are you to say that I can’t
Bring my thoughts to life?
Align this divinity with certainty
That I’ll certainly end up crossing a line.
It’s alright.
It’s okay.
I never understood the meaning
And I could fathom the thought of colloquialism.
So I keep my vocals known
In patterns and tears alike no other.
I hope you know that I’m unlike the others
In the sense that I’ll make you wonder.

Bring To Me

If the Sun rose in the west today
Would you still think of me?
Would you succumb to the woes
That’d coincide the ill mannered screams?
Tattered by stomping and chasing
A life that exists only in dreams.
I’ve collected and torn the pages
From each exacerbated scene.
What’s a descent in the thoughts
When you’ve given the space you need
To another unlike yourself whom
Takes, takes and takes continuously.

So say a prayer
And I’ll save grace
Because it’s little too late,
Oh I can see it on your face.

Hold true to yourself.
Your dreams will deceive.
A nightmare for you to track
Will devour the breadcrumbs you leave.
So trust not a soul
And be faithful in what you see.
You’re alone in this world
And its your soul they will want
And your heart they will bring to me.

It Seems To Be.

It seems like forever ago
When I had noticed the go.
Drilling down the spike
And destroying my soul.
It took moments to know
Whether division was gold
And if it were the only road
That would lead to a space
Where hindrance could grow.
To rest and fester in lies.
To give into a sea of woes.
I’ve given you my heart
And now I’m taking your life.

If a hook could swallow your mind
You’d be too far beneath, behind,
To follow your soul.
Because you’ve been given the space.
Because you have taken the know.
And if I could wake
I would destroy the soul
Of the withered, disgraced,
The exacerbated unknown.

It tastes like hopelessness,
A flavorless and forgotten mess
Which devours or depletes
A lost begotten son of rest.
Oceans that take no place
On a Planet that holds no trace
In a mystery so complex
That it hurts to have a face.
Eyes are now your enemy.
An upside down vexation
Continuously harming
The ether of this upside down
Living in the coldest embrace.

Live, Breathe, Deliver

Deliver this circumstance
That you have forced me to believe.
Exhibit the limits that you have brought upon thee.
Cause you’ve caused a tear within my plea.
The obvious hole in conciousness, this entropy.

Deliver love from evil.
Take a moment to feel indispensable
And in with this pen you will write the ending
To mend the heart in hopes to turn the tables.

I’m tired of this recklessness.
Changed the ways of my independence.
So that I may attempt to start again.
The evil exorcised from my heart. I need an end.

Long Live The KingĀ 

A Cannibal King

Does such ruley deeds

In terms of ruthlessness 

That ill forgotten have perceived. 

Their needs, dreams mean nothing,

Exhibiting squat to my schemes.

I am the Cannibal King.

I feed on disease, pain and

The vibrato in your screams.

Toil the notions

And I’ll help you bleed.

Keep in mind that

There is no just in destroying,

No, there is no suppressing this being.

Relinquish your soul

To make it my own.

I’ll help you to live forever here

Through my nutrition, so delicious,

You’ll swim through my bloodstream.

I’ll help you to feel the regime and you’ll plea.

“Long live the King!”