How do I breathe

In the middle of the night?

Needs and screams

That surrender again

As I tremble at the sight.

How do I live without

Subsequential limits

Which exacerbate my writhe? 

Zig to zag,

Twist and turn,

Is this part of my design?

Pillage the temporal,

Inner sense of percipience,

Am I beginning to lose my grind?

Moments, so hopless,

Hopelessly mindful,

Do I begin to open my eyes?

The Sun swells with ardor,

The cool air plummets,

Iniquity is what’s advertised.

Resonance resonates 

The quickest response

That is forcing me – paralyzed. 

Day Dreamers Nightmare 

Day dreamers nightmare

Eyes wide shut

While effort in something draws fear,

Too clear to see,

Too vivid to believe.

While too much hate

Blinds and separates 

A dying notion

Of a broken man.

His bones, his skin,

Withers to dust

As he tries to try again.

He’s staking his claim

With memories of forgotten. 

Numbers he’s counted,

What has never happened.

Ghosts haunt him

Bring him to scream

The day dreamers need

To exhibit outside

To bind him to the free.

To see,

To bleed,

To believe, 

To never be the one

Who breaks the Sun

Cause coming undone

To you is confirmation 

That you’ve been doing it all wrong.

Reasons To Fly

Black and blue

All over you 

You tried to see 

What he would do 

Holding to 

Strings that frayed 

You set the pace 

For the day’s Escape 

With nothing left 

But faithless grace 

You try to make 

Said great Escape

You held safeties

Set in place,

Remarkable blades

That cut the day.

An edge so true,

Moments of dull,

The truest of hue

That left you – you. 

To flank the day

And lead you through.

To chose to do

The same routine,

Reasons you flew.

To say goodbye, 

To bid ado.


Love is mistaken

Taken deep into the sea

By the waves and vacant

Places that keep dreams awake.

Awaiting the spaces 

Of intricate misplacement 

Regret rules my soul.

Solely, my minds containing 

Deprived feelings of the ill.

Love I had for the faithless.

Tame the beast that

Lurkes beneathe the surface.

Purposely refusing to be

The image of a better person.

Personally I find it hard to fathom

Diversity in this new World,

Spaces, emptiness – this havoc

Tempts the whore

And horrid bits that savagely 

Express dreams a little bit more.

I Will Not Remember You 

I will not remember you.

Images of War,

Visions of past.

Ravage my memories.

They invade my cerebral cortex.

It’s not a possibility 

To endure timelessness.

It’s not casually 

To exhibit my minds rest.

It’s not my fault that

My best is wrecked.

I will not remember you.

Memories forgotten, 

Present turns to past.

I’ve taken a secondary 

Look to reassess this brokenness. 

No its not contrary 

To demand real progress. 

It’s not casualty,

In fact it’s farthest from that.

It’s not my fault that

My best is repressed. 


Eliminate the shadows.

Pull deep inside

To grasp the hollowed.

To bask in its glory,

To shame, to wallow 

In pools of disgust,

The contemporary throat

That deserves a punch

To prevent the swallow.

No matter the notion,

Motions, sting like arrows

You’ll resort to memories 

To adjust your halo.

Keep your mind, my time,

You know you live in fables.

Digress the distress,

I know you’re handi-capable.